Cork Leather - it's green credentials and durability

Posted by Olive McKillop on

Great article here in Green Lifestyle Magazine.  Key highlights:

'100 per cent natural, and made from a renewable source, cork is fully recyclable. It is durable, lasting for around 20 years without signs of deterioration, and is resilient to scratches. Cork is waterproof, fire-resistant and flame retardant. It is insulating, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and dirt repellent. It doesn’t fade and is not marked by water.'

'Cork oaks are said to retain 30 per cent more CO2 than other trees, so rather than adding to environmental woes like most materials, growing and harvesting cork is actually beneficial. The trees also protect the soil by reducing erosion and desertification, and in some ecosystems they are helping to provide habitat for endangered species.'

'It is also a beautiful material that you would be happy to use in its own right. The grain from the cork bark also provides beautiful and unique patterns that enhance each item.'

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