About us

Our journey with cork started when a friend visited us in the UK with a fabulous bag from Portugal.  What followed was the purchase of a similar bag made from cork whose durability lasted 5 years of commuting in London and the idea to start up a post-commuting life selling cork. 

We now import quality Cork Leather and make some items in Australia.  We also import larger more complex products from Portugal which produces the best quality cork.  Cork is a great vegan alternative to damaging plastics and animal leather.  Each item is unique as it reflects the true nature of cork bark.  It's waterproof and durable.  On lighter colours if needed you can wash the surface with a soapy sponge.

Supplying quality products to our customers is our top priority. 

See us at a market listed on our website or simply buy from our website.  

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Olive & Ian McKillop