How Cork Fabric is made

So how is Cork Fabric made?


The Cork Oak is grown in countries along the Mediterranean Sea with lots of sunshine & low rainfall. The tree evolved to protect itself from these harsh conditions.  We chose to source our cork fabric and products from Portugal as they are the number 1 producer of quality cork in the World.


Extracted from May to late August when the cork can be separated from the tree without damaging the tree. 1st harvest on the tree is when the tree is between 25 - 30 years old.  The skilled 'Extractors' (workers) use a very sharp axe, make one horizontal cut around the plant, called a Necklace, and several vertical cuts, called rulers, to extract the cork from the tree.  Trees are harvested every 7-9 years following which they regenerate.  Trees can grow to in excess of 250 years old.  

Cork Leather is a unique fashion product made from plant-based cork. A great vegan alternative to damaging plastics and animal leather.


The cork is boiled and then cut into thin slivers and sealed onto cloth backing in order to make Cork Leather Fabric. Skilled artisans convert this leather into fashion products. The leather is tough, water resistant, and light to carry.  It's vegan & eco-friendly as no animals are harmed and no toxic chemicals used. Unique designs reflect the individuality of the cork bark.  The cork fabric is either used in it's natural colour, dyed with colour or screen printed on to get wonderful designs.  

Cork Leather fabric manufacture